Capital Art and Craft Festivals

Exhibitor Rules

Rules & Regulations for October 2021 Exhibits 

All work must be original, handmade by the Artist. No buy/sell, kits, intended for animals or mass-produced products permitted. If prohibited items are found, you will be asked to leave the Festival and forfeit all fees.

Exhibited work must be consistent with the work submitted and accepted with the Artist application. Any change must be submitted to show management for approval. Product misrepresentation will result in immediate removal from the event and will be prohibited from participating in future events.

Artist must be present at their booth during all open hours.

Booth space may not be sublet.

If art is a collaboration with another artist at least one must be present in the booth. Both collaborating artists must be listed on the application.

Artists retain 100% of their sales and are responsible for collecting and reporting applicable sales taxes.

Artists who were not accepted in the jewelry medium category may not offer jewelry for sale.

Any artist leaving prior to the end of the show will be unable to apply for future Capital Art and Craft Festivals.

Exhibit space is $645 per 10'x15'; $860 per 10'x20' Corner fees $75 additional.
Multiple booths may be combined into a larger booth space.

Booths should be professional and aesthetically pleasing. All booth structures and materials displayed must fit in the confines of the booth space including booth personnel. Tent tops are not permitted in the Dulles Expo Center.

Booths should be set with a backdrop to cover the storage area behind booth.

An ID sign including company name, city/state, booth number and 8' high pipe and drape backwall with 3' side drape will be provided with the booth space.

Booth set up is Thursday, October 14, 2021. Booths must be set by published completion time.

No booth, part or whole may be packed up or vacated until the event concludes. Failure to comply will result in not being invited to participate in future events.

Electrical, Internet/Telephone services will be available to order through the Dulles Expo Center website.

Storage is allowed in the marked space behind the booth. No materials may be placed on the Do Not Block areas per Fire Marshal regulations.

Security will be present during move in, event days, overnight. SPARGO, Inc. and the Dulles Expo Center are not liable for any injury, damages, or theft.

Artists are responsible for carrying their own insurance.

See full details and apply today on Zapplication.